Tongariro Adventures

Things to do

There is so much to see and do on the Central Volcanic Plateau. Whether it be to satisfy an adrenaline need or a desire to be at one with the beauty of nature, your Tongariro Adventure will provide it all.

Tongariro Crossing

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing track crosses stark and spectacular volcanic terrain. Among its highlights are steaming vents and hot springs, old lava flows, beautiful water-filled explosion craters and stunning views.

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Mountain Biking

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be right in the middle of possibly the best network of trails in NZ. We would love to provide you with an adventure base for your next biking adventure.

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Other Adventures

Nature has carved out a wonderful landscape creating many activities for you to enjoy. We’ll take care of the planning & book it for you. Your Tongariro Adventure will be both memorable & unique.

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